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Tim Kennedy Attempts To Survive Buffalo Thriftiness

You really kind of have to feel bad for Tim Kennedy. Kennedy was bought out by the Buffalo Sabres, his hometown team, after they didn’t want to give him the contract he won in arbitration. Signed by the New York Rangers in the past off-season, Kennedy was never really given a chance to make the […]

Slow Deadline Day Means NHL Is Healthy

On the one hand, yesterday’s trade deadline was a bit of a letdown in that there weren’t any huge and/or exciting deals. But maybe there’s a silver lining to the lack of big deals. Like how the lack of big trades was the result of so many teams being in playoff contention. There were very […]

Florida Panthers Trying To Find Fans, Not Wins

Photo by bridgetds The Florida Panthers are mixing up their practices a little bit, forming what they’re calling a Rink Coalition of different ice rinks around South Florida. The Panthers will hold public practices at the various member rinks. George Richards loves the idea because it’ll help spread hockey around Florida. It’s a smart move […]

Devils Might Find Cap Relief Through Injury…Again

Adrian Dater is reporting the Devils might have found a way out of their cap troubles via yesterday’s Bryce Salvador injury. Dater says Salvador off of the Devils cap on the long-term injury might take some of the trade pressure off of the Devils, although even with Salvador off the books, they would still need […]

Tanking Will Not Help the Florida Panthers

Yesterday, George Richards, who cover the Panthers for the Miami Herald asked the question quite a few teams seem to be asking themselves this time of year: Should Florida tank to move up in the draft? It’s a valid question. If you’re not going to the playoffs, why not put yourself in better draft position? […]

Overconfidence Could be San Jose’s Achilles’ Heel

Mrs. PuckUpdate and I love to joke about announcers who warn against the dreaded two-goal lead, what a lot of them call ‘the most dangerous lead to have.’ A lot of times, a team will go up two goals and the announcer will talk about how it’s actually a risky lead to have, since a […]

Big Goalie Night

Last night was kind of interesting. There were 10 games played, with four shutouts. Goalies Steve Mason (CBJ), Ryan Miller (BUF), Ty Conklin (backup; STL), and Nik Backstrom (MIN) each kept the red light off behind them. So is this a sign defense is back in the NHL? Is the NHL reverting to its pre-lockout […]


I’m thinking I need to get into real estate, since that seems to be the best way to track player movement. Some people say Jay Bouwmeester’s building a house in Edmonton is a clue he wants to play out west. Marian Gaborik’s buying a house in Vancouver seems to be a clue he’ll sign there […]

Penguins Evolve Against Wings

So what did Pittsburgh do right in their win over Detroit? Quite a few things. Their powerplay was finally effective against the Wings. They managed to get pucks deep in the Red Wing zone. They kept the Zetterberg/Lindstrom match-up out on the ice for longer shifts, plus lots of ice time in general. I think […]

Sutter: ‘Upon Further Review, Sundin is Pretty Decisive’

Brent Sutter is starting to look like another successful graduate of the Mats Sundin Rapid Decision-Making Program. He’s still not sure he wants to coach the Devils next season. The longer Sutter waits, the less effective he’ll be as a coach if he decides to return. Would you play hard for someone who was that […]