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Potvin Fired!

Last night we saw two game threes go into overtime, with each game ending 3-2. In Raleigh, the Bruins looked completely out of steam, yet still made it to OT before losing. In Pittsburgh, the Caps seemed to spend the whole game on the penalty kill. And while the penalty kill was strong, it prevented […]

Renney A Healthy Scratch…Forever

Now that the Rangers have fired coach Tom Renney, Ranger fans have once less thing to chant at the Garden. The only real surprise in the move was that Rangers GM/President Glen Sather waited so long to make the switch. The team has looked lost for a few weeks and while there are severe problems […]

NHL Fights the Fighting

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about how to protect NHL players. Two weeks ago, Don Cherry was going on about it for like eight minutes. I wish I could follow what he says. I think he might have said something about no-touch icing potentially saving lives, but I’m not quite sure. To be […]

Nothing But Staal

I’d love to know the Versus ratings on last night’s Red Wings/Penguins game. It seemed liked everyone was watching it. The Wings blew a three-goal lead and were pretty much single-handedly beaten by Pittsburgh’s Jordan Staal. Staal has a lot of offensive talent for a natural shut-down center and he struggles with balancing the offense […]

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