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Jets and Crosby Show the Importance of NHL Teams, Not Players

I was happy to see the good people of Winnipeg are psyched to have an NHL team in their midst again. The new Jets are already rock stars and they’ve yet to play an official minute in the Peg. Excitement has been one of the main casualties of the NHL’s expansion into non-traditional markets and […]

Like E.T., Many NHL Players Interested in Going Home

If there’s been a recurring theme to this off-season, it’s been players going home to play where they want to play. First, you have Brad Richards, the jewel of the free agent class, who’s allegedly looking to play at a destination he likes, as opposed to taking whoever offers the most money. Some rumors have […]

Bruins Might Be Wishing Sabres Had Played Better

I have to admit I’m not totally looking forward to the Boston Bruins-Philadelphia Flyers second round matchup. Between Boston’s defensive crouch and Philadelphia’s often overly physical play, I’m concerned there won’t be too much skating or movement. Also, both teams have pretty bad power plays going right now. And factor in that the Flyers have […]

Rest Might be Secret Weapon for Chris Pronger and Sidney Crosby

It’s kind of scary to think how many teams might get serious upgrades for the playoffs. Chris Pronger is currently out for the Flyers, recovering from hand surgery, but he says he expects to be back for the playoffs (and perhaps even sooner). So basically, Pronger is resting up for the playoffs while he recovers […]

Player Safety Begins with Control

I have one major objection to Mario Lemieux’s plan to fine teams whose players are suspended. Lemieux says his plan would make teams accountable for the actions of their players. And that’s the problem. The league needs to make players accountable for their own actions. I’m reading H.A. Dorfman’s The Mental ABC’s of Pitching (because […]

Alex Kovalev Lets Penguins Create the Illusion of Improvement

Do you get the feeling Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ray Shero isn’t feeling the playoffs this season? That’s what the re-acquisition of Alex Kovalev feels like. Shero wanted to pick up a player, but he didn’t want to give anything up and he didn’t want a long-term commitment. Kovalev’s streakiness is both legendary and maddening, but […]

NHL Can’t Invest Everything in Sidney Crosby

I’m not a huge investor, but I try and read a little bit on the basics of investing, just to keep Mrs. PuckUpdate and I from inadvertently ending up in Ponzi scheme (a very real threat in our part of Queens). Any basic investment book will constantly remind you of the need to diversify your […]

Getting Adjectival with Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby

I love the new SPORTSCENTER commercial with Washington’s Alex Ovechkin and Semyon Varlamov: It’s funny, in that Ovechkin is caught doing some “late-night filing” and is jokingly accused of being a spy. The payoff is that he’s actually spying on ESPN, along with Varlamov, who helps Ovechkin escape. What’s interesting about the commercial is how […]

Winter Classic Should Prop Up Games That Need It

Not to be a jerk, but I’m just not too excited about this year’s Winter Classic. I’m a bit excited in that it’s the NHL’s time to shine in American sports, assuming the game actually gets played. The thing about the Winter Classic, though, is that while it has pomp and circumstance and gravitas and […]

New Penguins Defensemen Mastering Dan Bylsma’s System

With the Penguins on an 11-game winning streak, I just don’t hear the same calls to fire Dan Bylsma that I did earlier this season. Funny how a winning streak translates to job security. What’s changed for Pittsburgh? They’re still without Jordan Staal. Evgeni Malkin’s been having knee problems and he’s been struggling, with only […]