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Top 10 Questions the New York Rangers Need to Ask Their Next Coach

Have you ever seen an NHL power play before? How do you like the sound of Assistant GM Sean Avery? Don't ever doubt what i say :) — Sean Avery (@imseanavery) May 29, 2013 Do you believe there are situations where it’s OK for the puck to be carried into the offensive zone? Do you […]

A Five-Part Autopsy of the 2012 New York Rangers

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE I was so immersed in the Rangers’ surprising playoff run, that I wasn’t even able to process what I was seeing. But now that it’s over, the observations are starting to crystalize. This was a team that did a lot of things right (<cough>goaltending</cough>), but suffered a few mis-steps that ultimately cost […]

Ryan Smyth to Rangers Would Have Been Textbook Sather

Of course the New York Rangers were supposedly looking into adding Ryan Smyth as a top-six forward (maybe…). The Rangers need scoring, especially given Brad Richards recent cooldown that some might call positively Drury-esque. Smyth is more than just offense, though. His strong play in both ends would let him slide right into this current […]

How Brad Richards Found Offense Through Defense

Larry Brooks had a nice little appreciation of Brad Richards yesterday. Brooks also credited New York Rangers coach John Tortorella, who moved Richards off of Marian Gaborik’s line when it became obvious the two just weren’t clicking. Tortorella deserves a lot of credit for his handling of Richards. Given Richards salary, it would seem that […]

Sean Avery Might Have Magic Powers

More and more I wonder if Sean Avery has some kind of magical power. The Rangers traded for him in February 2007, helping to put Avery on a more prominent stage than he had in LA as a King. Avery’s antics and agitating suddenly seemed more noteworthy. Avery loved it in New York but couldn’t […]

Rangers’ Young Core Might Have Already Peaked

The Rangers are getting a bit nervous about their lack of secondary scoring. The team has just 12 goals in its first six games of the season. A third of those goals have come from Marian Gaborik. Another third have come from a combination of grinder Brandon Prust and sophomore defenseman Ryan McDonagh. That pattern […]

Glen Sather and Icing Safety: Compassion or Gamesmanship?

It’s nice that Rangers’ GM Glen Sather is coming out, very publicly, in favor of the NHL adopting some kind of no-touch icing rule. Sather’s in favor of the race to the puck stopping at the faceoff dots, rather than around the boards. Sather was commenting on the state of icing in the NHL because […]

Sean Avery’s Waiving Could Have Been Avoided

I can’t imagine anyone is surprised Sean Avery was waived yesterday. Avery has lived in coach John Tortorella’s bad graces since before Tortorella coached the Rangers. It’s vaguely sad, though, since there are things Avery and Tortorella could have done to make the relationship work. I hardly consider myself an Avery fan, but he’s an […]

Two-Thirds of a Top Line Is Enough for Rangers

It looks like the Rangers are considering Wojtek Wolski for the top-line wing spot, which would have him playing with Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik. It would be a nice gig for Wolski, especially since there were rumors the Rangers might buy out his contract this summer. But the Rangers really don’t have many options […]

Rangers Give Brandon Dubinsky Four Years to Live Up To Potential

The Rangers did a relatively impressive job in holding Brandon Dubinsky to a four-year, $16.8 million, arbitration-avoiding contract. According to some, the big issue in getting the contract done was money and length of contract. According to others, the issue was just contract length. If the proceedings had a feeling of deja vu, it’s because […]