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Rangers’ Coach John Tortorella Sees Patience Pay Off

For much of John Tortorella’s time coaching the New York Rangers, I wondered how long he was going to last. He seemed to have nothing but contempt for his players and a lack of patience that bordered on child-like. Lines would only last a few shifts. Sean Avery was scratched for acting like Sean Avery. […]

Marian Gaborik’s Return Leaves Rangers with Logical Lines

It’s kind of obvious that the Rangers are better off with a guy like Marian Gaborik in the lineup. He’s an elite, if fragile, NHL player. But that’s not the only reason the Rangers are better off with him. Gaborik’s presence gives balance to their lines. With him in the lineup, coach John Tortorella is […]

John Tortorella Discovers Coaching Can Actually Help Teams Win

It’s amazing how quickly a team can turn things around. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was speculating Rangers’ coach John Tortorella was just about done in New York. Shortly after that, the team had an amazing turnaround, discovering a physical style of play that’s translated to wins, mostly because of Tortorella’s suddenly smart […]

Rangers Coach John Tortorella Seems to See the End of the Line Coming

So the New York Rangers have played just four games this season and already coach John Tortorella and GM Glen Sather are in the middle of a complex game of “This season is HIS fault.” Tortorella has been less and less subtly complaining about his roster. Tortorella’s defense is very young and very right-handed. He’s […]

Rangers Need to Stop Surrendering Center Ice

Yesterday’s Rangers/Islanders afternoon game was interesting because it saw the Rangers pretty much pick up where they left last season — following strong games with incredibly sloppy performances. Where the Rangers were aggressive and effective in their first game of the season against the Sabres, against the Islanders they were passive and careless. The Rangers […]

Banishing Sheldon Souray is the Right Call for the Oilers

I’m proud of the Oilers for banishing Sheldon Souray to the AHL. The AHL demotion isn’t about his talent (or lack of talent) so much as it’s about his attitude. Souray’s tenure in Edmonton has been defined by injuries and complaints about the organization. GM Steve Tambellini decided to take a risk on eating Souray’s […]

Requiem for Wade Redden in Five Parts

Just to be crystal clear, the Rangers made the right choice waiving defenseman Wade Redden this weekend. It should have happened months, if not years, ago. Having said that, I do feel a little bad for the insanely expensive blueliner who seemed completely unable to perform at even just an average level during his two […]

Rangers Officially Give Up on Brandon Dubinsky

New York Rangers coach John Tortorella has all but declared Brandon Dubinsky a wing instead of a center, his natural position. Dubinsky has played more and more wing, mostly due to his inability to create much offense, either for himself or his line mates, from the middle. But given the Rangers’ lack of strength down […]

Sheldon Souray Not a Bad Fit for the Rangers

Larry Brooks’ story of the Marc Staal re-signing briefly mentions the Rangers might be looking into obtaining defenseman Sheldon Souray from Edmonton. Back when Souray was a free agent in the summer of 2007, it always seemed liked he was waiting for an offer from the Rangers. The offer never came so Souray signed with […]

Rangers Need More Experience and Less Salary On Their Blue Line

Rangers fans love to talk about the Wade Redden contract because it’s such an insanely messed up situation. If they didn’t talk about it, an ulcer might eat through their very souls. I just read the Flames are over the cap and rumors are starting to bubble up about Robin Regehr maybe being on the […]