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Big Goalie Night

Last night was kind of interesting. There were 10 games played, with four shutouts. Goalies Steve Mason (CBJ), Ryan Miller (BUF), Ty Conklin (backup; STL), and Nik Backstrom (MIN) each kept the red light off behind them. So is this a sign defense is back in the NHL? Is the NHL reverting to its pre-lockout […]

Darwin: ‘Hull Evolved More Than Most’

Tim Panaccio took a quick look back at Brett Hull’s career. That amazing wrist shot from the circle? It was actually his dad, Bobby Hull’s, idea. Which is shocking, since Bobby Hull is synonymous with the slapshot. But the elder Hull said the quicker NHL game required a quicker shot. It’s funny how we’ve come […]

Ducks Future Hinges on Giguere’s Groin

Anaheim has a couple of issues right now, mostly that they’re 3-5-1 and have dropped four of their last five. But their most pressing problem might be goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere’s groin. Giguere is making $6 million this season and $7 million next season, even as the Ducks have a much stronger, cheaper goaltending option in […]

Lemaire Opens Things Up…Perhaps Too Much

The start of the season is tough, because you always want to make grand statements about teams when you’re really just working off of a small data set. Watching last night’s Rangers-Devils, on Versus (I’m one of the 50 people left with Versus), I was very impressed by the Devils. They didn’t look like a […]

Deja Bertuzzi

So Todd Bertuzzi is back with the Wings. I understand the attraction to Bertuzzi. He’s big. He once had great hands. In a lot of ways, he’s the North American version of the prototypical Detroit forward. But to be more precise, he was the North American version of the prototypical Detroit forward. He’s six-years removed […]

KHL Grabs Zubov and Hudler

I’m very surprised Sergei Zubov is close to signing a KHL deal. Zubov is 39 and coming off an injury-plagued season, but I would think there might be a few NHL teams interested in signing one of the game’s all-time great offensive defensemen. If nothing else, Zubov could probably quarterback the powerplay as a special […]

If Only…

One way you know it was a great game seven is that there just wasn’t much to say about it. It completely spoke for itself. The Penguins were flawless for two periods and strong enough for the third. Defenseman Brad Stuart, whose turnovers and pinching led to both game seven Penguin goals, says he’d like […]

Tonight’s the Night

So tonight’s the night for Detroit or Pittsburgh. Tim Panaccio says the Penguins need a role player to step-up and pull a Ruslan Fedotenko circa game seven of the 2004 Stanley Cup finals. I think Fedotenko, who now plays for Pittsburgh, is a logical candidate for that role, but maybe it’s too obvious. Meanwhile, moving […]

Game Seven Ahoy! Sutter and Heatley Want Out, But Not Together. So Far…

Fantastic game six last night. And for all of the talk about Detroit’s defense driving their offense, Pittsburgh did a tremendous job, at least for the first two periods, of letting their defense be a catalyst for their offense. Mike Heika said the game deserved to be on NBC. I think NBC should show the […]

Penguins Not Board Tonight

I’m not sure tonight’s game six is going to be the Detroit cakewalk everyone seems to think it will be. The big factor working in Pittsburgh’s favor? Getting away from those Joe Louis boards, which they never seemed to adjust to or to be prepared for. The big difference in Detroit’s game five rout was […]