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Penguins Evolve Against Wings

So what did Pittsburgh do right in their win over Detroit? Quite a few things. Their powerplay was finally effective against the Wings. They managed to get pucks deep in the Red Wing zone. They kept the Zetterberg/Lindstrom match-up out on the ice for longer shifts, plus lots of ice time in general. I think […]

Sutter: ‘Upon Further Review, Sundin is Pretty Decisive’

Brent Sutter is starting to look like another successful graduate of the Mats Sundin Rapid Decision-Making Program. He’s still not sure he wants to coach the Devils next season. The longer Sutter waits, the less effective he’ll be as a coach if he decides to return. Would you play hard for someone who was that […]

Stanley Cup Deja Vu

So this year’s Stanley Cup finals will be a rematch of last year’s. The Blackhawks magical run through the post-season finally ended last night. It’s interesting how close the Detroit-Chicago series actually was. Chicago had a decent chance to win games two and five. Another season or so of experience and the Blackhawks might have […]

Do Svidaniya, Fedorov?

I’m shocked Washington’s Sergei Fedorov would leave the NHL for the KHL. Sure, his best days are behind him, but he was a pretty important part of the Capitals playoff run, serving as a calming influence on the ice. I really thought Washington would try and keep him and Fedorov would try and stay. After […]

Everyone Left in Western Conference Barely Breathing

What can you say about “Evgeni Malkin’s performance last night? There were stretches where he looked downright Ovechkin-esque, doing everything but playing goal. And shoving Sidney Crosby. He’ll get there, though. I thought Malkin’s potential seemed to have plateaued, but after last night’s game, I’m curious just how much he’s capable of. Over in the […]

Blackhawks Will or Won’t Win the Series

Over in Chicago, Dan McNeil is already writing the 2008-09 Blackhawks’ eulogy. I guess he doesn’t want to be seen as jumping on the bandwagon if they lose to Detroit. Len Ziehm is a bit more optimistic, writing some ways the ‘Hawks might mount a comeback. Also, speaking of Chicago, former Blackhawk goalie Glenn Hall […]

Blackhawks Down But Not Out; Upcoming Goalie Extractions

The Blackhawks are now down two games in the Western Conference finals, but they really look better each game, even though they’ve yet to notch a win. Last night, Chicago lost on a brutal Brian Campbell turnover, but the Wings haven’t quite looked like themselves in the series. It’s never a great sign when Dan […]

Penguins Win with Lucky Seven

Ha! The Penguins are really selling the seven defenseman concept. Philippe Boucher, the Penguins seventh defenseman scored last night’s game-winning goal. This is par for the course for the Hurricanes, though. They’ve lost game one of every playoff game this season. Tonight is game two of Detroit-Chicago. The Blackhawks aren’t hitting the panic button yet, […]

True Grit

So apparently, Mike Richards played this season with torn labrums in both shoulders. I don’t know where or what labrums are, but it’s got to hurt. Mike Richards is tough. Speaking of tough, does anyone else think game seven of Ducks/Wings should take place in a steel cage?

Everyone Do What Detroit’s Doing

Wow. Poor Columbus. They’ve looked like a deer in headlights against Detroit. The only thing remotely working for the Blue Jackets is R.J. Umberger, who’s scored all of their playoff goals and two of their three points. Columbus goalie Steve Mason is having problems dealing with all of the Red Wing traffic in front of […]