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Goaltenders Need Protection From Their Teammates

Kerry Fraser had a big piece on TSN about how Brendan Shanahan blew it by not suspending Milan Lucic for his hit on goalie Ryan Miller. Fraser says that without a Lucic suspension, it’s going to be open season on goalies: Players (and more importantly goalies) would know that the League still considers them endangered […]

To Beat Ryan Miller, Flyers Need to Channel Their Inner Pronger

Before last night’s Philadelphia Flyers-Buffalo Sabres match-up, I thought the Flyers were the deeper team. But after watching them actually play the game, they seem pretty evenly matched. Buffalo wound up winning, but it could have just as easily been Philadelphia. A lot of that was because you had two strong goalies putting on great […]

Tim Kennedy Attempts To Survive Buffalo Thriftiness

You really kind of have to feel bad for Tim Kennedy. Kennedy was bought out by the Buffalo Sabres, his hometown team, after they didn’t want to give him the contract he won in arbitration. Signed by the New York Rangers in the past off-season, Kennedy was never really given a chance to make the […]

Like Ferris Bueller, Ryan Miller Needs a Day Off

Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller is upset about the soft goal he yielded to Dion Phaneuf in last night’s eventual Buffalo loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs. As you can see, the shot came from right inside the blue line and while it was a good shot, it probably would have been much more stoppable […]

More NHL Players Should Work with Richard Simmons

Whenever someone doesn’t know how to evaluate an NHL player, the go-to line is usually ‘And he’ll be a monster when he fills out.’ The idea is that every player can stand to get bigger and stronger. But Buffalo’s Drew Stafford isn’t finding that to be the case. He’s having a career season after dropping […]

Blues Happy Barret Jackman Might Return, But Not Celebrating

Apparently Blues defenseman Erik Johnson started this season wanting to be a top-two defenseman. Defensemen Roman Polak and Barret Jackman both went down and suddenly Johnson’s wish came true. Which is why it’s usually safer to wish for money. Or in Johnson’s case, safer golf carts. Johnson has been solid, with occasional bouts of overwhelmedness. […]

Ottawa’s Bryan Murray Hoping for Magic Trades and World Peace

Jim Kelley has an interesting column about teams embracing the shakeup trade. Or at least teams talking about embracing the shakeup trade. Ottawa GM Bryan Murray isn’t happy with the play of the Senators (specifically his defense, and more specifically, Erik Karlsson and Brian Lee), so he’s talking about making an early trade to shake […]

Buffalo’s Lack of Power in Powerplay Bounces Them Out of First Round

I don’t remember a playoff round where special teams were such a huge factor. New Jersey got bounced out of the first round on the weakness of their powerplay. And last night, so did the Sabres. Buffalo did not have a first-round powerplay goal against the Bruins. Nashville has a weak 3.3% powerplay percentage and […]

Buffalo Sabres Need to Learn to Hold Leads

[picappgallerysingle id=”8543197″] I’m shocked the Sabres haven’t been able to hold off the Bruins in the playoffs. Boston now holds a 3-1 series lead after last night’s win in double overtime. The Sabres wound up losing when they took an ill-advised too-many-men-on-the-ice penalty, which Boston took advantage of. More specifically, Miroslav Satan, the one-time long-time […]

Ryan Miller Makes the Most of Life Without Crosby

Ryan Miller seems to be the beneficiary of Sidney Crosby’s media shyness. Crosby’s agent has now said Crosby didn’t do Letterman after the Olympics because his schedule was too tight. I’m not sure if Team Crosby turned down any other high-profile gigs, but it’s hard not to notice Miller is now everywhere and Crosby isn’t. […]