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Humor In (an NHL) Uniform

It’s corn Friday. Sorry! Buccigross’ ‘Heatley will be a Shark’ call is just a big misunderstanding: he’s talking about an upcoming Ottawa production of WESTSIDE STORY. Also, don’t miss Jason Spezza as Maria. The Sabres released photos of the commemorative bricks from the Aud, which they’ll be selling. So the Sabres will hold onto bricks […]

Give Up a Goal, Get a Coach

The Stars have an interesting approach to goalie Marty Turco. Since they seem to feel they can’t replace him, they’re just throwing more and more coaching at him. Relatively hot on the heels of the news Turco is going to spend more time working with goalie coach/synthesist Andy Moog, comes news the Stars have added […]

Heatley Not Going Anywhere

Ouch. Teams are now opting out of the Dany Heatley “sweepstakes.” The Kings are the latest team to close the door on the Heatley option, which is pretty telling. It’s like the Senators are getting rejected for dates they didn’t even ask people out on. The Kings could use a proven goal-scorer but they’re such […]

Dallas Misses Out on a Jonas Glover; Goodbye Captain Joe

Kind of a crazy 24 hours in hockey. Wonder goalie Jonas Gustavsson signed with the Maple Leafs, leaving the Dallas Stars scrambling to find a “backup” for Marty Turco who can step in and start when Turco inevitably flounders. Again. Not that Turco is going to go quietly into the night. He wants to play […]

Senators Lose Leverage and Increase Demands

There’s a lot I don’t get about the Dany Heatley ransom demands. Like why are the Oilers so hot for a player who so obviously doesn’t want to play for them? Are they only interested because they know he’ll demand a trade in another two seasons? Do they think they can change him? And as […]

Heatley a Tough Sell/Trade

Kevin Allen has an interesting piece on something I’ve been noticing: There doesn’t seem to be any market for or interest in Ottawa’s Dany Heatley. Obviously, a lot of the disinterest is posturing by GMs, but Heatley’s contract just doesn’t make sense, financially, in a lot of places. And when you consider players like Jay […]

Game Seven Ahoy! Sutter and Heatley Want Out, But Not Together. So Far…

Fantastic game six last night. And for all of the talk about Detroit’s defense driving their offense, Pittsburgh did a tremendous job, at least for the first two periods, of letting their defense be a catalyst for their offense. Mike Heika said the game deserved to be on NBC. I think NBC should show the […]

Jay Cutler is No Patrick Roy

Terry Frei had a great piece comparing Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler’s beef with his new coach to Patrick Roy’s beef with Mario Tremblay. Roy’s beef famously ended with a trade out of Montreal to Colorado. Of course, one key difference in the two stories is that Patrick Roy was Patrick Roy, while Jay Cutler […]

Ottawa Did Not Heart Hartsburg

Craig Hartsburg was fired as coach of the Senators and the consensus seems to be it wasn’t an Xs and Os coaching issue so much as a psychological one. Hartsburg had a solid enough team, albeit one with one line and unspectacular goaltending. All he had to do was keep his top line going and […]

Blue Jackets Learn Patience; Tampa Not So Much

The youth movement is going well in Columbus, with lots of rookies stepping up to help the team. Columbus isn’t a powerhouse, but they’re right on the playoff bubble. And people are noticing the team has something going on; attendance and TV ratings are up for the team. The Blue Jackets have always relied on […]