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Thanks, SportsNation

Thanks, SportsNation, for making PuckUpdate a site you like.


Just two things I wanted to plug today: The latest episode of the RinkSideRants podcast is available for your listening pleasure. Tim and I talked struggling teams: Leafs, Bruins, and Isles. I’ve got something up on BleacherReport about the rise of the scoring defenseman — specifically in Phoenix.

Shanahan Can’t Be Cut; He Quits!

In a surprise move, the Devils cut Brandon Shanahan, a decision which was apparently mutual; Shanahan wanted to be a top-nine forward and the Devils didn’t have an opening. Shanahan hasn’t announced his retirement, but it’s going to be tough to find a place for him. If you recall, he landed in New Jersey last […]

Heatley Not Going Anywhere

Ouch. Teams are now opting out of the Dany Heatley “sweepstakes.” The Kings are the latest team to close the door on the Heatley option, which is pretty telling. It’s like the Senators are getting rejected for dates they didn’t even ask people out on. The Kings could use a proven goal-scorer but they’re such […]

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! Here are the RotoRob fantasy hockey awards, which I worked on. Also, there’s a a big picture of Evgeni Malkin making out with his girlfriend, so be prepared.

PuckUpdate on ESPN

This was pretty cool. I’m in an NHL preview roundup on FULL DISCLOSURE: There are other people there, too; it’s not just me.

Bueller? Bueller? Chelios? Chelios?

The Big Picture

Save the Goalies, Save the World

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