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Cheaper Tickets Might Have Saved the Thrashers

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an interesting look at how the economy played a part in the Thrashers probably leaving Atlanta for Winnipeg. Obviously, a team deciding to relocate is complex and there are going to be multiple variables, but reporter Mike Tierney spoke to some Atlanta fans who can no longer afford to go to […]

Thrashers: ‘Islanders! You Don’t Have to Live Like This!’

The New York Times took a look at the recent misfortunes of the Islanders. And, as you might guess, there’s a lot of stuff to look at. There’s the horrible losing streak this season. There’s the lack of a new arena. And there’s the lack of fan attendance. The Islanders average 10,773 fans per game. […]

Ilya Kovalchuk Can Thank Martin St. Louis for the Failed Right Wing Experiment

Damien Cox has an interesting item on Ilya Kovalchuk’s struggles in New Jersey. He blames Kovalchuk’s time spent on his off wing. That’s not what’s so interesting. Most people picked up that Kovalchuk wasn’t comfortable playing right wing for the Devils. But Cox traces the origins of the off wing experiment to Devils assistant coach […]

How Ilya Kovalchuk Should Have Handled Free Agency

As a public service to both Ilya Kovalchuk and hockey fans, I’m going to list some things Kovalchuk could have done to prevent his extended stay in NHL Free Agent Purgatory. Free Samples At the end of the 2007-08 season, Marian Hossa left Pittsburgh to sign a one-year deal with Detroit. Hossa could have gotten […]

Goalie Brian Elliott is Hot at the Right Time for Ottawa

Ottawa’s Brian Elliott had his second shutout in a row last night, with a considerable assist given to Anton Volchenkov’s shot-blocking. It’s still a little early, but this is the time of year when you look for a goalie to get hot. Because a lot of times a hot goalie becomes a huge factor in […]

Atlanta Roller Coaster and Chicago’s Dilemma

So the past few weeks have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for Thrashers fans. Before the Olympics, the team traded away Ilya Kovalchuk. That was a little sad. Then, GM Don Waddell said the team would be buyers at the trade deadline, rather than sellers. And that had to make the fans […]

Christensen Shows Rangers the Power of Desperation

Over the break I read BALL FOUR, Jim Bouton’s famous tale of his 1969 season pitching for the Seattle Pilots and the Houston Astros. The book is famous because it was the first one to destroy the mystique of the professional athlete. We learned guys like to drink and curse and look at women. The […]

NHL Is a Two Financial Tier League

Forbes released their annual NHL franchise valuations and things actually look pretty good for the league. Or at least for some of the franchises. The average operating profit was $6.1 million, aggregate income increased, as did average franchise value. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an across the board thing for the all of the franchises. While successful […]

Caps Miss Ovechkin

The Devils seem to agree with the conventional wisdom that the Caps aren’t the same team without Alex Ovechkin. New Jersey beat the Capitals 3-2 at home, where the Devils have been pretty awful. The Devils had a lot of comments relating to how the Capitals seem bummed about playing without their star. About the […]

Sharks Need Defense; Avs Need Goalie Luck

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s still early in the season, so it’s still hard to make observations about team problems and team successes. But having said that, some interesting ideas are already starting to emerge. Like will the Sharks play defense this season? They went down four goals to the Kings, managed to come back, […]