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Thrashers Announce Upcoming Enigma Night Promotion

The Thrashers signed Maxim Afinogenov to a one-year, $800,000 deal. It’s certainly a cheap price for a forward with a lot of potential upside, until you consider that Afinogenov has spent the past two seasons being more about his potential than about the realization of his potential. I was a little surprised the Thrashers held […]

Thrashers Trying to Keep Kovalchuk in NHL?

Defenseman Mark Popovic is in Thrasher training camp, trying to earn a contract. He spent last season playing in the KHL and he wasn’t very impressed by the quality of play there. Popovic played for Atlanta before deciding to go to Russia, so he has a connection to the team, but part of me wonders […]

PuckUpdate: ‘Sorry, Blues!’

First of all, I would like to formally apologize to the St. Louis Blues. Back in February, I teased Jeff Gordon for suggesting the Blues were heading toward a playoff position. This morning, the Blues are just two games out of a spot, helped by last night’s huge win over San Jose. Imagine if the […]

Sad Stamkos

I think this is the saddest thing I’ve read in a while (actually, this is, but stay with me). Steve Stamkos’s weekly diary is about how he’s started collecting sticks and pucks. It concludes with this sad note: I asked for [Alex] Ovechkin’s at the All-Star event but I didn’t get a chance to get […]

And the Academy Award for Best Coaching Performance Goes To…

The thing I love most about NHL coaching is that in a lot of ways, it’s really more about persona and performance than Xs and Os. You can have no understanding of hockey and still motivate your players, probably relying on your assistant coaches to handle the tactical issues, and you can probably have a […]

Rangers and Stars Share Dysfunction

More and more, I think the Rangers and Stars are the same team. The Rangers have a slightly better record, but basically, you have two defensive teams having trouble tightening up in the clutch, as seen in Dallas’ Monday night loss to Tampa, where the Stars gave up three goals in the third. You can […]

Will Crosby Find His Own Wings?

Yesterday, Larry Brooks had some great old-school gossip about the Penguins: apparently Sidney Crosby is not very happy with the organization; specifically the quality of his wings. Brooks also raises the old “Penguins coach Michel Therrien has lost the room” refrain, which is repeated so frequently, eventually it will be true. Although pulling your goalie […]

Kovalchuk Slumming; U.S. Economy Bumming

Here are some quick thoughts: Ilya Kovalchuk has got to love playing on a line with Marty Reasoner and Chris Thorburn. When I think playmaking, I think Reasoner, who’s never had more than 20 assists in a season. I get that Kovalchuk is a mess in the defensive zone, but I’m not sure if taking […]

Fall Back…On Trade Rumors

Trade rumors are finally starting up again. The one thing I hate about the start of the NHL season is that there aren’t a lot of rumors as everyone pretty much stands pat to see what they’re dealing with: The Ducks, Canucks, and Rangers are all still interested in Mats Sundin. I don’t see how […]

Flyers Inflict Indigestion; FIOS Stays Classy; Win a Mask

The Flyers blew out the Thrashers 7-0 last night in Atlanta. The Thrashers have horrible attendance. Coincidence? Well the Thrashers have set-up certain all-you-can eat sections. Awful hockey + depression eating = messy recipe for disaster. I’m glad I wasn’t at Philips Arena last night. I think you can have all-you-can buffets or you can […]